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Empirical Consulting has the experience and talent to cover your data/reporting needs:  
  • Want to get the most out of the financial info you already have in QuickBooks?
  • Want to setup QuickBooks to comply better with your industry's reporting standards?
  • Need on-site training for you or your staff ?
  • Need proper procedures to simplify & streamline your bookkeeping/payroll/tax duties?
  • Need to properly restrict user access for more risk protection without compromising efficency?
  • Need help converting data from that old legacy system into QuickBooks or another software?
  • Need to enter data quickly, and inexpensively w/out impacting your current staff?
  • Need an advanced Excel spreadsheet with data refresh from Quickbooks?

Industry Specific Bookkeeping

Manufacturing bookkeeping needs & rules are different from Retail, and Construction from Parts & Service. Do you need Break-Even-Analysis in your manufacturing business, or certified payroll for your construction business?
We understand each industry has different rules and reporting requirements.